Quality management policy


TRAINING ALWAYS seeks to train people with a view to raising human potential at the individual and/or collective level, focusing on training as the engine for personal differentiation and business innovation.


We are commited to:

- Enabling individual and collective development, as well as the involvement of stakeholders;
- Focus attention on the recipients of intervention projects, in articulation with their needs and expectations;
- Provide personalized service and adjusted to the surrounding context, the organizational culture of the client companies, as well as the needs and expectations of the interested parties;
- Establish research, development and innovation strategies in intervention projects;
- to promote good awareness / basic and / or specialized training in the relevant areas, enabling recipients to successfully overcome emerging market challenges in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving professional environment;
- Promote proactivity as a way of personal and professional evolution and reconciliation with family life;
- Use safe and dynamic technologies, promoting training through technology;
- Implement methodologies and / or technologies that aim to evolve knowledge, optimize communication and improve business processes;
- Diagnose the needs and expectations of stakeholders, according to the historical context and the profile of the recipients, as well as the trends and demands of the labor market;
- Ensure the principles of equal opportunities, gender equality and non-discrimination for stakeholders;
- To ensure the availability of resources and / or accessibility of the participants in the activities carried out;
- To present innovative, dynamic and competitive solutions, respecting high quality standards, seeking to establish a relationship of trust with the interested parties;
- Communicate in advance any relevant changes and clarify any issues raised by the recipients of the intervention projects;
- To ensure the training and motivation of employees, with a view to achieving excellence in their performance, quality of services and improvement;
- Comply with the legislation, regulations, standards, guidelines and other requirements applicable to the activities developed;
- Make available and communicate adequately with stakeholders;
- Provide good working environment and well-being to stakeholders;
- Evaluate the effectiveness of the activities developed, aiming at improving the performance of the processes;
- Implement, periodically review and communicate the mission, vision, values, principles and policy to all stakeholders to understand and comply with the commitments set out in our strategic purpose and direction;
- Stimulate personal and technical skills, ensuring the approximation between theory, practice and the business context, focusing on the needs and expectations of current and future clients;
- Provide services and products that add value to the recipients, in the different phases of intervention projects;
- Ensure the efficient use of energy and other resources through best environmental practices and occupational safety and health, ensuring the sustainability of activities and the environment for sustainable development.
Therefore, we seek to be/have a motivated, competent, dynamic team committed to generating/adding value.

We thus establish a commitment to reviewing and continuously improving the quality of the services, products and processes of the intervention cycle through the definition and monitoring of strategic, tactical and operational objectives to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate performance and learning.
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