Resource human politics


We believe that the greatest asset of our company is in the quality and capacity of human resources: employees, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and customers.
To this end, we have adopted a Human Resources Policy, based on the following pillars:
Recruitment and Selection - ensuring a timely response to the needs, allowing access to the profession fairly.
Training and Development - continuous betting, providing opportunities according to individual potential and new requirements / needs.
Performance and Progression - bets on a culture of performance and promotion of development, recognizing that only through it are we optimizing our values.
Culture and Motivation - bets on a dynamic of interaction of multidisciplinary cultures, based on the systematic motivation of the actors.
Communication and Interaction - bets on a culture of flexibility, giving priority to communication and sharing of knowledge, optimizing the network of contacts.
Self-control and Responsibility - bets on the empowerment of autonomy and attribution of responsibilities at the level of individual and team development.
Equality and Flexibility - bets on the integration of principles of gender equality, equal opportunities and non-discrimination, promoting the reconciliation of family, social and professional life.
Therefore, we develop the potential of human resources in the most diverse situations.



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