Course History

Training Always has developed intra-company, inter-company and general audience training in the form of face-to-face, b-learning and e-learning in various areas of training, namely:



Organization Framework

Quality Audits

Quality management and audits

Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 – Practical Cases

ENPLUS Quality requirements

Training of teachers and trainers in technological areas


Training management

Training management and coordination

Requirements for certified vocational training

Information system and management of educational and training offer

Textile, clothing, footwear and leather industry

Identification of defects in footwear

Production planning in the footwear sector

Food industry

Food safety and health

Safety, quality and food safety

Food safety in the roasting industry

Electronics and automation

Process control


Metallurgy and metalworking

Good practices in automotive electricity

Good welding practices in the metallurgical industry

Electricity and energy

Electric forklift truck
Agricultural and animal production


Organic farming


Environmental protection technologies

Response to environmental emergency situations
Safety and hygiene at work

Scientific and technical updating of workplace safety

Fighting emergency situations

Fundamentals of safety, health and emergency

Health and safety at work

Handling of loads (stacker and crane)

Lifting and multifunction platforms

Principles of safety, health and emergency

Safety, health and emergency procedures

Fiber cement removal – Asbestos (RFA49)

Response to emergency situations in case of fire

Fire safety in buildings

Occupational health and safety

Safety when driving forklifts

Safety, health and emergency

Safety, health and emergency in construction

Safety, health and emergency techniques

Senior work safety technitian

Social work and guidance

Holistic therapies
Personal development

Interpersonal comunication

Bach flower

Conflict management

Aura reading

Reiki Essential I – Shoden

Some of these courses took place in places such as: Chaves; Barcelos; Esposende; Ponte de Lima; Guimarães; Vila do Conde; Póvoa de Varzim; Vila Nova de Famalicão; Trofa; Maia; Vila Nova de Gaia; Vizela; Valongo; Castelo Branco; e Albufeira.