Professional qualification

Training offer in several areas of training certified by DGERT, adjusted to the business expectations.


Training certified sectorally by ACT in the course of Technical / Higher Work Safety.


Forms of organization of training:

– Presencial;

– Distance (b-learning and e-learning;

– Mixed ( face-to-face and distance);

– one-to-one (individual);

– on-job ( in work context).


Type of organization of the training offer:

– Intra-enterprise;

– Intercompany;

– General Public.


Construction model of training:

– Measure;

– Based on references


Training Modalities:

– Action Training;

– Modular;

– Initial;

– Continuous.


Training areas certified by DGERT:

  • Personal development;
  • Training of teachers and trainers in technological areas;
  • Trade;
  • Organization/company background;
  • Computer science;
  • Metallurgy and metalworking;
  • Elctricity and energy;
  • Electronics and automation;
  • Textile industry, clothing, footwear and leather;
  • Agricultural and animal production;
  • Social work and guidance;
  • Environmental protection technologies;
  • Safety and hygiene at work.